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 Marissa has lost 60 lbs in 10 months

“I feel and look better than I have since my early 20’s. I have tried everything from dieting to working out and nothing worked. Erica is compassionate and dedicated to walking alongside me in my personal health and weight loss journey. Could not have done this without her.”

Revival Wellness Transformation


Nicholas has lost 55 lbs in 9 months

“I was able to stop my blood pressure medication by losing the weight. Feels good not to rely on medication!”

Revival Wellness Transformation


Marnea has lost 41 lbs in 6 months

“As a busy mom of three kids, having enough energy to keep up with everyone’s busy schedules makes me feel like a better mom!”

Revival Wellness Transformation


Lauren has lost 30 lbs in 8 months

“Semiglutide has given myself a flexibility for life I hadn’t had prior to. I can enjoy a date night or evening with the family while knowing I’m making better choices.”

Revival Wellness Transformation


Susan has lost 24 lbs in 4 months

“Erica’s program was easy to follow. Her enthusiasm and support helped me immensely. If I can do it, anyone can!”

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